• Engineering services
    • Underground Infrastructure: location of pipes, cables, wires, reinforcements, basements, sewage and ventilation systems, underground networks (metallic and non-metallic), etc.
    • Embankments inspections
    • Transportation Engineering
      • Roads, airport runways, bridges, flyovers, concrete inspections
      • Railway evaluation
      • Subsoil evaluation for infrastructure
      • Foundations evaluation, structures and weakened components continuity evaluation
  • Archeology
    • Ruins, crypts, voids, tunnels location
    • walls inspection
    • Old corridors geometry determination
    • Prospecting
  • Geology and Hydrogeology
    • Lithology profiling, depths and lengths of the litho layers, bedrock profiling
    • Post mining, karst mapping: caves,cracks, wash out zones, caverns, sinkholes, landslides, etc.
    • Watter table mapping
    • Deposits location
    • Amber prospecting
  • Environmental Assessment
    • Leaks location
    • Landfills and contaminated soils location
  • Forensics and sapper investigations

Each request is quoted individually, as the scope of activities and conditions of service can be very complex. The price depends on many factors, such as location, landscape and size of the site, the size of the object, deadline of completion, type and exact scope of work.

For more detailed information, please contact us.